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Creating intel from the best sources on the internet (only Fiverr data available at the moment)


The ultimate Problem Intelligence tool

Let data tell you the best market to go after

What we provide is a catalog of validated problems in the form of a dataset containing every single service listed on Fiverr and other service platforms. If you're looking for an idea for a product or a service, spot profitable niches with our tool and automate/productise popular gigs.

The ultimate Problem Intelligence tool

Fiverr & Co. are a catalog of validated problems, we provide you with the tools to dig deep into this data and make the right choices.

Problemize answers questions like these for you

What is the most profitable service provided in the Lead Generation category?
How crowded is the niche I want to go after?
How much money would I roughly make if I started a service in the 3D modeling for videogames niche?
Which is the biggest niche in design services in terms of revenue?

Discover top-selling services

Stop guessing, with our tool you can see at a glance the services which are selling the most on top freelancing marketplaces

Filter or aggregate by revenue
We provide you with the most important feature for a competitive intelligence tool: revenue. Dig into the data with our integrated data studio and find the most successful services or categories. You can always aggregate data and get information at service level or at niche level.
Filter or aggregate by sales volume
Interested in selling high volume services/products for a low price or low volume services/products for a high price? We got you covered, find the best strategy for you depending on what’s working for others.
Filter or aggregate by service price
Price is king, you can gear your analyses toward a specific price range and understand which kind of services are provided for the pricing spot you are aiming at.

Implement what is already working for others

A service listing success comes from many specific details that the service provider has chosen for its gig. Find what’s working for others and learn from them

Filter or aggregate by service provider
Spotted someone who is doing just what you want to do? No problem, filter our data by seller and discover every little secret of his success. Great artists steal.
Filter or aggregate by niche and service category
Problems are many and belong to so many categories it is a work in itself to map a specific service to its specific category. Luckily, we did it for you. For each service listing you have three levels of categorisation: super category (e.g. "Business" or "Tech"), main category (e.g. "Web Development") and sub category (e.g. "Static Website Development"). Go wild with your analyses and aggregate or filter data at the level you need to answer your questions! "How much money are people making on average selling logo design services?" You tell me.
Filter or aggregate by the number of reviews each service has received over time
Reviews are the best proxy for number of sales, as basically every platform for providing services online asks the buyer to leave some kind of feedback to the seller. This information is very useful in determining how much the service you want to provide is sensitive to quality and can help you answer questions like "do I need to be absolutely outstanding in this niche or is it possible to be profitable even if I am still learning?"

Find services to turn into products

Find out how much money top freelancers are making and build products which are a good fit both for you and the market

Discover services with high margins of profit
It is so easy and harmful to underprice your product or service: spot the highest paid gigs and adjust your pricing according to the value the market perceives and is willing to reward.
Filter or aggregate by country
Some Geointelligence never hurts: discover where people providing services are located and adjust your pricing by purchasing power or simply have fun exploring the world through the lense of service provided by country.
Access the service listing via its URL
Aggregate data is great as it gives you the birds’ eye view you need to look at the big picture and take action, but sometimes you need details. Once you have narrowed down the amount of data you are working with, you can get curious and access the listings on the websites they come from. No detail is lost this way.


The Data Studio

To speed up your data analysis workflow we integrated Microsoft’s open source data studio: SandDance. No need to download the dataset or integrated with external services to dig deeper into the data: just open your dashboard and start charting.

Export your dataset
We are strong believers in open and portable data, which is the reason you can export our dataset in three formats (JSON, CSV and TSV) and process it with the tools you are used to.
Create stunning VEGA charts
Create eight kinds of charts to visually explore and validate your intuitions. Oh, did we mention that you can make 3D charts? Welcome z-axis!
Share & Export charts
Generate a link from the editor and share it with others to discuss findings. Export charts in JSON format and reload them in later in your editor.
Slice and search
Query your dataset for matching or partially matching fields, all from our raw tabular data view of the editor.
Raw tabular view
You are not bound to the chart visualisations, you can scroll through rows of data without any styling.
Undo functionality
Got something wrong in your analysis? No problem, just rollback to the previous action.
Customise the look and feel of your charts: colors, font size, dark mode...
A full-fledged Data Studio
Proudly standing on the shoulders of giants we integrated in Problemize Microsoft’s SandDance, an amazing open source data studio which lets you explore data right into your browser.


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Lifetime access to Problemize, billed once.

  • Access to more than 220000 listings with details

  • Access to more than 190 business categories information

  • Updates included (features and new data sources)

  • 14-days no-questions-asked money back guarantee


Need API access or custom developments on top of Problemize data? No problem, Problemize already powers 11 websites and we'll be glad to add yours to the list

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